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BOSTON -- Craig Kimbrel had surgery Monday, as expected, to repair torn cartilage in his left knee.Now, the clock begins ticking on the Boston Red Sox closers return to the mound.Kimbrel underwent a left knee arthroscopy and partial medial meniscectomy at Massachusetts General Hospital, according to a statement released by the Red Sox. The team continues to list Kimbrels recovery at three to six weeks, although after a rehabilitation and a minor league assignment, its possible he wont resume pitching in big league games until September.First off, after surgery were going to have to get it stable, get it strong, get it comfortable, Kimbrel said last weekend. I cant get on the mound with me being uncomfortable and changing my mechanics or anything like that. Theres no doubt in my mind once it gets taken care of, once it gets to the strength it needs to be, everything else will be fine. Im still going to be able to throw, play catch a little bit. So losing a few weeks of not getting off the mound, I dont think it will affect me, arm-wise, too much because Im still going to be able to throw.Kimbrel injured the knee during pregame warmups Friday at Fenway Park.In Kimbrels absence, Red Sox manager John Farrell said 41-year-old setup man Koji Uehara will receive the majority of the save opportunities. But the Sox also acquired submarining right-hander Brad Ziegler over the weekend in a trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ziegler will fill in when Uehara is unavailable or if he falters. Balenciaga Baratas España . -- New England Revolution goalkeeper Matt Reis is retiring after a 16-year career to become the goalie coach for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Comprar Balenciaga Baratas . JOHNS, N. http://www.balenciagabaratas.es/ . Jane Virtanen scored two, and Alex Roach and Elliott Peterson rounded out the offence for the Hitmen (40-15-6). Brady Brassart chipped in with three assists. Colton McCarthy scored twice, Brayden Point had a goal and two assists, and Jack Rodewald also scored for the Warriors (15-35-9), who were 2 for 5 on the power play. Balenciaga Baratas Chinas Online . William Carrier opened the scoring for Cape Breton (6-4-2), but Andrew Ryan tied the game and Brent Andrews put the Mooseheads (8-6-0) in front for good with a short-handed goal at 13:49 of the second period. Zapatillas Balenciaga Baratas España . Halifax beat the Saint John Sea Dogs 7-5 on the strength of two goals apiece from Nikolaj Ehlers, Matt Murphy and Brent Andrews. Jonathan Drouin also scored and had three assists while Zachary Fucale made 17 saves for the Mooseheads (16-8-0), who led 6-1 after two periods. This post contains spoilers.Will Baker (B.J. Britt) has returned! Ginny Bakers (Kylie Bunbury) mysterious older brother had disappeared since the second episode, and I wont lie, I kind of thought he was dead.Sometimes this show does things that dont make sense, like dangle Ginnys brother in front of us and not follow up on the storyline. Fans have long memories (ask me how I feel about Aria not being at Callie and Arizonas wedding in the seventh season of Greys Anatomy), so it seemed odd, if not inexplicable, to know that Will existed, but was absent from the MLB All-Star Game and his sisters on-field brawl.However, the writers were kind enough to explain why Ginnys brother went MIA for the majority of the season. Will is apparently wrapped up in some shady business, and Amelia Slater (Ginnys agent, played by Ali Larter) is doing her best to manage everything away, as usual.In fact, Will did show up to his sisters second start with one hell of a shiner -- thanks to being behind on a loan payment -- and Amelia handed him a check, and told him to get going so he wouldnt be a distraction.Im sure most people are fed up with Amelias micromanaging of Ginnys life, and her interactions with Will come off as a little patronizing, which isnt helped by the fact that they are racialized. The optics of a wealthy white woman publicly shaming a black man over finances are not great for her, no matter how good her intentions might be. The admonishment she received from Evelyn Sanders (Meagan Holder), the wife of Ginnys teammate Blip, was more than just the acknowledgement that putting Wills business in the street is awkward as hell; there was a watch it tone, which probably had a double meaning. This show has proven itself to be all about identity politics, so theres no way the writers missed any part of that dynamic.Will has some sort of business plan for which he wants Ginnys backing, and Amelia is totally suspicious. And honestly, I dont really blame her. Hes Ginnys brother, and I want to believe he has her best interests in mind and is not just trying to make a buck for himself. But he is acting shady.Additionally, who knew a rain delay could provide such a dramatic background? Is this what happens in the majors? I have questions.In other news, theres trouble in paradise. This episode featured some heavy squabbling between Ginny and catcher Mike Lawson (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), which is sure to give the #Bawson fandom heart palpiitations.dddddddddddd. The two of them couldnt be chummy forever, but I would love to see some more sophisticated drama than Mike lashing out at Ginny over the Padres benching him for a game and shopping him around for a trade.However, Mikes barrage of bitterness was quickly tempered when fellow player Omar Robles (Jason Canela) confides in Mike and Blip that he thinks he has feelings for Ginny. Mike dismisses the thought with a spirited explanation of how Robles doesnt know Ginny at all, and if he did ? hed know that she hums Katy Perry songs horribly off-key, and that she loves grape soda and hates cilantro. He declares to Robles, You dont have feelings for her.But everyone, including Robles and Blip, knows that hes talking to himself.After acknowledging to himself that he has feelings for Ginny, Mike tells general manager Oscar Arguella (Mark Consuelos) that he wants to be traded to Chicago. Couple that with the promo for the next episode, which shows Ginny and Mike getting awfully close, and the #Bawson followers were sent into a frenzy.The idea of Ginny and Mike being a thing is kind of cute, but Im pissed off about it. Theres the obvious fact that Ginny is 13 years Mikes junior and the cliché of a team-based romance budding, just because a woman has joined the majors. Plus, theres the anger I feel as a queer person who played sports growing up in a heterosexist environment where crushes on teammates were not cute.Theres also something tone-deaf about the way Ginnys teammates flirt with her and the way Mike has developed feelings. I cant help but feel that if Ginny Baker was Jeff Baker and the first openly gay pitcher in MLB, the working environment wouldnt be nearly as cute.No one would want him to see them naked; no one would be flirting with him. But, because everyone is straight, a teammate romance is forbidden love. Its playful and sexy. Never mind the fact that in real life, the fear of intra-team romances has created homophobic environments on many a ball club.Ive been hoping the writers wouldnt take this storyline there because it does everyone a disservice, but it looks like they are. It bums me out. I hoped they were better than this, which reminds me: Where is that waitress when I need her? Whats her name? Cara?Bring back Cara! At least shes not Ginnys freaking teammate. ' ' '

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