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People all agree that sleeping pills can kill you and that over time Nutri Sleep they become less effective. If you ask your doctor for some of these pills they will be happy to confirm these facts for you. If this is true than exactly what can you do that is safe, effective, and natural to help you get a good nights sleep? How can you get the sleep you need without the risks you don't want? Turn to mother nature for your answers. How does your body know when it is time for you to go to sleep? What tells the brain that it needs to turn off for a few hours and give the body a rest?

Melatonin. Yours brains pineal gland secrets melatonin when it is dark and the eyes send that it is dark out. How can you use this information to help you get to sleep? Turn down the lights for an hour or so before you go to bed so not so much light is being sent to your eyes. If that does not do the trick then trying supplementing your bodies natural melatonin levels with over the counter melatonin tablets that are sold virtually everywhere that vitamins are sold and that is every drug store in the US.

A unique type of mattress for your bed is a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are actually made from elastic foam, conforming to the shape of the body and then going back to its original form. It is very popular and a best selling mattress. These mattresses are recommended by chiropractors and other health professionals. One of the things to consider when purchasing is the firmness and density that is available. A mattress with more density usually will have a longer lifespan. A mattress with less density will feel softer. There is a great variety when considering density, and you may want to make sure what you purchase is the amount of firmness you need.

Some people cannot sleep due to painful pressure points causing them to toss and turn all night. By spreading out the weight of a person over the entire area, a memory foam mattress will lessen the pressure on any particular area of the body, thereby eliminating joint pain. This enables many people to get a better night's sleep than sleeping on a standard spring mattress.


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