#1 Dilemma - Eyeglasses Or Contact Lenses? von princywilliam 20.05.2019 06:54

Health is wealth. Beauty is an integrated part of health. So that it is Lutazene your duty to take proper care of your health and beauty. Keep your eye well and ensure its beauty just obeying some advise, such as taking proper sleep, proper rest of eyes, proper diet, etc. To avoid wrinkles on your skin take healthy foods which contain necessary ingredient to protect wrinkle.

Health and beauty are two things that have a deep relationship. You have to have a well maintained figure not too fat neither too skinny. You will not feel beautiful yourself even if you are the very soul of any party. You have to maintain your health and beauty by taking balanced diet with exercising daily and regularly. Beauty can also be enhanced by the clothing and using cosmetics that will help you.

The eyes are the most important part of your face. So your eyes should be beautiful and must not have any dark circles under them. They should look fresh and not tiered. They should reflect your sentiments and your feelings. There are many ways to make your eyes feel fresh and beautiful: The most common problem regarding eyes is lack of sleep, which gives you dark circles under the eyes. So you should always sleep for about eight hours every day to make sure your eyes are not affected. Let your eyes rest if they feel tired, and do not strain them.

Watch less television and spend less time on your computer. These appliances are emitting radiation which could damage the cells in your eyes. Eat green food to keep your eyes beautiful as they have vitamin A contents. Squash is known to be the perfect example of a vegetable connected to vision. You can make your eyes look more beautiful by applying the makeup that is not very bold but nice soft and beautiful, to only enhance the beauty of your eyes and not change their beauty.


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